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Reshooting Some Scenes For Run For Your Lives 

Hello Everyone,

Since we missed our Halloween deadline for releasing the music video/short film for my song Run For Your Lives I decided to reshoot some scenes and then give my video guys at No Apology Productions some more time to edit it. I will have an updated release date after our reshoot this week. Thanks for your patience! 

Much Love,

J Knight

Great Time Had By All At The Video Shoot For Crazy Sexy 

Hi Everyone,

It's been a while since I have posted a blog. I've been crazy busy recording some new songs and shooting the video for my song "Crazy Sexy". 

The video shoot went amazingly well! It took about 12 hours to shoot it and it was very windy as evidenced by this video, but we couldn't have had more fun. Things went about as smoothly as one could hope for and now I am just waiting on the editing process to finish up. Hopefully I will be releasing it sometime later this week. Worse case scenario it gets… Read more

Date Set For Next Music Video! 

I'm excited to say that the date for my next music video has been set. It will be shot on September 6th of this year and the song will be Crazy Sexy. I will be working with No Apology Productions to shoot, direct and edit the video. 

My first video was for my song, and title track of my debut album, We Are Now. It turned out excellent, but being my first video it was intentionally kept simplistic. This next video is going to have much better production values as well being infinitely more complex. There will… Read more

My Debut Album Is Finally Released 

I wasn't sure today would ever come. Set back after set back pushed delayed the release of my debut album, We Are Now. It was pushed back so far that I have actually already started to write and record my second album! But now everything is finally in place to launch the album, website and video all at once. So, without any further ado, ladies and gentlemen I give you....We Are Now

The songs on this album all have a special meaning to me. After years of being in bands and collaborating with others, I decided… Read more


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